Top 5 Game Cube Games Of All Time


To kick off our new blog I shall be giving you what , in my opinion, are the top 5 Nintendo Game Cube game of all time.

5) Micro machines

To kick us off at number 5 is the cartoon style racing game Micro Machines. It's fast past (action) if you will combined with the abnormal camera angle can result in confusion and, judged by experience, anger.


4) Sega Soccer Slam

This game in many ways was a game for pretty much anyone. Even for the people who did not have a slight interest in football. The only relation to football this game had was the facts that the objective was to score more goals than the other team. Every other rule of football was thrown out of the window. The ability to punch and kick the opposing team was my personal favorite aspect of the game, along with the commentator who had the same amount of skill and a sack of potatoes. A definite must have, even after all these years.


3) Monkey Ball

Even though Monkey Ball isn't my favorite game for the Game Cube it still was probably the game I spent most of my time on in my childhood. How on earth can I explain it? It's a monkey in a ball for goodness sake. The eagerness the game gave you to complete all of the levels in one sitting was immense  Even my own father completed the game. It was a game that the whole family could play together, this is what I thought made it such a great success.


2) Animal Crossing

Probably my favorite ever game series to date, Animal Crossing was a game that could steal hours of your life away from you just because you want to catch a few fish. The game had a really good communative feel to it because up to 4 players could play in the one town, this also added a competitive aspect to the game in competing to buy the best items in the shops and catching the most wildlife either in the form of bugs or fish.


1) Pikmin

Ahhh Pikmin.... the perfection of all games. The game in which you played an astronaught crashed on a strange planet in which you befriend these creatures called pikmin who help you to build your ship again and send you back to your home planet. The greatest satisfaction of this game was when you looked at your screen and saw nothing but Pikmin running around  It's collection of bright colours and cute little flower people were enough to make even grown men cry....well, I may have exaggerated a bit but I can't stress enough how good this game and it's sequel were! I am eagerly awaiting a Pikmin 3 to be released on the Wii U. This may convince me to invest in one just so I can play this game.

Please comment below your top 5 Game Cube games of all time and why? :)

Hope you enjoyed, Kai

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