Top 5 Original Xbox Games Of All Time


5. Crash Bandicoot Twinsanity

Your a dumb, orange, fox looking thing that spins around in circles holding on to a flat headed scientist whilst also smashing his head into enemies as well as battling bosses and strange tribes

4. Leisure Suit Larry
You're a college student surrounded by women who you are meant to sweet talk, impress or get drunk so you can snap a couple of pictures, also the games you had to play to do this were also fun just by there selves.

3. Halo
Ok, so this is not an original choice but it is still one of my favorite games because it was one of the first game I had played on the Xbox. Even though I played it when i was young and it gave me nightmares I still couldn't wait to play it again.

2. GTA San Andreas
Although I am not a lover of GTA I had to put this on because of the many hours i spent wasting my life on this game with both story and fun little killing rampages.

1.Destroy all humans
You're a midget blue alien sent from space to collect DNA from humans in any way possible my favorite way would have to be the anal probe gun, disgusting? Yes but also rather hilarious.

Go ahead and leave your top five original Xbox games and why.

Thanks for reading, Jake

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