Top 5 PlayStation 1 Games Of All Time


5.Ford Racing

Its a racing game so there isn't alot to say about it but it was one of the first racing games I played and it was rather amusing seeing the cars flip out when you hit the wall or jitters when you had a corrupt save file on your memory card.


If you wanted a game to waste a couple of hours on and not have to pay attention to a story line and just have fun killing worms then this was probably your best bet, it was fun it had amazing weapons like a sheep cannon, who wouldn't want to use that, as well as you being able to play a friend.

3. Rayman

So you're a a dog looking thing with his arms and feet not attached to his body, I don't think his head was either thinking about it. Running about hovering by his ears and punching as many different creatures that you could think of and more.  

2. Spyro The Dragon

Spyro was an amazing game for someone who liked dragons and the colour purple as well as blowing fire and whatever else he threw out... fighting against god knows what, the story line didn't always make sense but it didn't matter because you had fun playing and enjoying the content.

1. Scooby-Doo

As Scooby-Doo was one of the first games I played in my childhood it seemed only fitting to put it as one of my favorite played games, as well as it being such an addictive game for a 6 year old, throwing pies at ghosts and sliding like a penguin through slaloms.

Hope you liked reading about my top 5 Play Station 1 games and leave a comment on your top 5 and why.

thanks for reading, Jake.

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