Jake's Brink Rant


Ok everyone, what the hell was Bethesda thinking... Brink!!!

They seriously messed up their reputation with this game, this is from the people who brought you great games such as Oblivion, Dishonored and Doom. So then they deliver us with this piece of tat. The thing is I cant be the on that hates this game, same as Kai, but considering it was released in 2011 the same year as Skyrim it sells brand new for £5 as Skyrim sells for £20.

Now I know that all game developers have to have a sloppy game every once in a while but seriously this bad? So let me tell you reason why I dearly hate this game. I mean the graphics on the characters was great admitted but that still doesn't make up for the terrible game play, even my grandmother said it was terrible and the only game she ever played was pong!
Even a black man in this game wouldn't be able to jump high, it's literally as if you character just tripped. The game apparently had a story but to be honest I didn't understand it nor did i care because every time I played it I wanted to slit my throat with a rusty razor. A bit to far? I digress, if you like a game that; is always online, that doesn't have a story. Whats this about an arc anyway, wasn't that Noah's job?

I conclusion this game was the worst game I have ever played. Bethesda, you should be ashamed of your selves.
                                        Lots of love.

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