Kai's Top 5 Internet/YouTube Series' Of All Time


5. Video Game Highschool (VGHS)
So enjoyable to watch. A series about a highschool purely based around gaming and conflict on the 'freddiew' YouTube channel. The typical highschool story with a boy chasing a girl throughout the whole story. the graphics were amazing and with the second series just around the corner I am really looking forward to it. Here's to another great series Freddie!

4. Shadow Of Israphel
A brilliant series of videos from my favourite gaming channel of my favourite game. A brilliantly planned, built and acted series. Something of which nobody had ever seen or even thought of before. The series no longer goes on but hundreds of thousands of people are urging the Yogscast for a return of their favourite series of all time.

3. Platoon Of Power Squadron
Consists of a group of friends with superpowers who join up together under the name of 'Platoon Of Power Squadron' to help fight crime. A major key attraction to this show for me is the inclusion of Craig Benzine (wheezywaiter) who is personally a favourite youtuber of mine and through his channel is where I first heard of this series.

2. Happy Tree Friends
Gore galore. This, the longest ever running internet series, is pure genius. I first heard of it when I watched it on 'Elders React' on The Fine Bros' YouTube channel. Each and every episode starts out so innocently with all of the animals playing so happily with each other and then all hell breaks loose. Just awesome.

1. Angry Kid
Ahh, angry kid. So many hours I have wasted watching these over the years. Well, I saywasted, what I mean is so many hours I have spent enjoying the awesomeness of this series. Call me childish if you will buy the shear amount of starting from the boy makes this show what it is.

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