Kai's Top 5 Nintendo 64 Games


5. Golden Eye 007
At 5 we have the greatest James Bond game ever made. What made this game so popular was the quality of the AI in multi-player. This allowed to have some quite difficult games by yourself. The main thing I enjoyed about the game was the proximity mines. The colours of them impressed me as a kid. I was easily pleased.

4. Donkey Kong 64

My memories are very faint of this game due to myself losing it quite early into the playing of it. But the short time I was able to play it I had the time of my life. My favourite was Diddy Kong who's barrel jet pack amused me for many hours. Especially the island which I couldn't get to by using the jet-pack  Eventually I found out that you had to use Dixie Kong's helicopter like hair to propel yourself towards the island.

3. Banjo-Kazooie
Bears. Bears. Bears. I like bears. Bears are cool. You know bears? Yeah,  they're cool. Birds are also quite nice but bears. As you may have guessed, I like bears. If bears were an animal, they would be a bear. Just because they are that awesome. This game was amazing. Mostly because the main character was a bear. The ability to both walk and fly make my childhood a perfection.

2. Mario Kart 64
This was the game that started my love affair with Mario. Such good racing action and the ability to absolutely destroy 1st place into an oblivion was just perfect. Of course, like most people, I always chose either Toad or Yoshi. Their light weighted edge always pushed them towards the win.

1. Super Mario 64
The second Mario installment on our top 5. This was the pinnacle of Mario as we know it. A pure master piece. The star collecting system was a personal favourite of mine in the game. This added a major goal to get towards and was later implemented into another great game: Super Mario Galaxy.

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