Skyrim Review


Skyrim is the 5th installment of the Elder Scrolls series. A game developed by Bethesda and published to the Xbox 360, PS3 and the PC. Released in 2011 it was an instant hit in the UK. Although many followers of the Elder Scrolls series believe is it not of as high a standard than the other installments but Jake and I personally enjoyed playing it.

One of the first parts that stuck out to me was the character designing at the beginning of the game. Though it may not be one of the favourite part of the game in other people's opinions I still believe that it give you sufficient control over the character you are going to play with. It may have been a tad bit confusing to design your character in the beginning but it was aided by the excellent character selection and design system.

I found the beginning cut-scenes a bit 'Clunky' to say the least. It still gave off a good first impression of the game but on one occasion of starting a new game the horse and cart you travel in glitched off of the trail and kept being drawn into a wall. Another problem with their 'glitches' was the fact that the general characters would 'spaz out' and sometimes you would get several copies of the same character but this is just a small price to pay for the excellent sharp and clear graphics in the game. Aesthetics are a major factor in enjoying this game.

There were many techniques implemented into the game to make the game-play much more enjoyable. One of these was the slow-motion camera technique when you perfectly killed an enemy with a bow or other weapons. This gave you a great sense of achievement as these kill-cams were quite rare. Another factor were the power attacks. This involved holding the attacking triggers down to charge an attack and deal our more damage; this gave you a wider range of possibilities during combat rather than simply spamming the trigger.

Next I will discuss the inventory system - I feel it has a sort of love-hate relationship. I love it because it was so simple and easy to co-ordinate but at the same time I hate it because you would have a wider range of items in one area and forced it to become congested with items. I loved that you would get a 3D representation of each item the the inventory screen that allowed you to rotate the object in any direction that you chose to allow, easily impressed huh?

Lasty the story line. I'm not going to give anything away but like every story it has its good and bad parts. Good beacause the story had a strong pull to it that kept you intrigued into what was going to happen next but the bad points are at the end of the story in kind of dropped off, there was not really a full ending.

All in all I believe Skyrim to be a great game full of great stories and tales. I strongly recommend it to you guys and advise you to give the game a chance before you make any too harsh decision.

Thankyou, Kai

So tell me, do you like Skyrim? Whys so?

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