Kai's Thoughts On The Xbox One


As many of you guys may have heard; Microsoft have scrapped their policies on the Xbox One being 'always online' and also their policies on second hand games. Their original plan was to force the user to login every 24 hours in order to play any game. If not then their ability to play any type of game will be stopped. Many people have been ranting on the internet about the console being 'always online' but why? You are using the internet to complain about needing to have the internet to play Xbox One. Contradiction much? I mean seriously, some people may not have the best internet connection but it doesn't take much to simply sign in. It will be over in a couple of seconds.
Then when people were challenged with this fact they went on to say 'What if I go on holiday?'. You take your Xbox on holiday with you? You seriously need to get out more. When you're on holiday you need to go out and see the sights, have fun, not sit inside liking a hermit blowing a zombie's brain out. Also due to this change the family list has also been scrapped. Microsoft were like "Urm... we'll get rid of the bad stuff but we'll punish you by taking away the good stuff too." The family list was a list where you can add a maximum of 10 players on so that whenever you were not playing your Xbox they could play any of your installed games for free. I thought this was a great idea on Microsoft's part and now it has gone. Great.

The original plan was to also restrict the use of second-hand games. They would allow the publisher to decide on the use of second-hand games meaning that some games would have to be brought brand new instead of second-hand. This disallowed players to sell or trade-in games - a big part of gaming life as we know it. Now, thankfully, the idea from hell has gone and you can buy second-hand games as and when you like,  even though some publishers still charge for second hand games.

All-in-all I think the Xbox One will still quite good even though some of their reputation has been damaged.

Thanks for reading, Kai.

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