Kai's Top 5 Xbox 360 Games.


5. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Before this game I had next to no experience with up-to-date RPGs but this was a great introduction to the genre. Great game play and graphics crossed with the occasional comedic script line make a recipe for an amazing game! So great that sometimes the game itself would go crazy and disappear -otherwise known as glitches- but all together an amazing game.

4.Tropico 3
I've always been a fan of sandbox strategy games ever since I was a kid and played Theme Park World. When the third installment of Tropico was released on my favorite console at the time I just had to get it. Difficult when getting started due to invasions and rebellions from your people but you fight them back with your own army (as any modern-day dictator would do) and peace is restored. A great campaign with a few hidden cheat codes makes this game so entertaining.

3. Battlefield 3
At three is battlefield 3. I've always favored Battlefield over the Call of Duty series and this was no letdown. Great multiplayer battle with fast jets, jeeps and choppers allowed for fast moving battles against people from all over the world. Although the single player campaign is left something to be desired it is compensated for by the high level of tactics you can employ into your online battles.

2. Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts
Some people may consider this game a failure when compared to it's predecessor on the Nintendo 64 but I believe this game to be worthy of a top 5 spot. You play a bear and his bird companion who have let their-selves go once again combating the evil witch, Gruntilda,  through building vehicles to complete missions and defeat enemies.

1. Fable 2 & 3
These games were both so good that I couldn't decide which was better, so they both get the number 1 spot! I have personally complete both the second and third installments of this series and enjoyed every minute, every mission and every kill. Set in the beautiful province of Albion you play a hero who is fighting the forces of evil to restore peace and happiness to the land, may sound a bit too... cliche but still a great game series. I have yet to play the original but I shall someday, just you watch me.

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