Why I Love Pikmin - Kai


Ahhhh Pikmin.a game for everyone. I spent most of my free childhood time playing the original. Maybe it was all the colours affecting my simple-childish mind but it sure was a good game.

 You begin as a spaceman called Olimar who's spaceship had crashed on a strange planet - home of the Pikmin. As you emerge from your destroyed ship you stumle apon a large onion-shaped object on the ground, it springs up to turn a bright red coulour and spews a load of sedling into the ground. These seeds were Red Pikmin! The pikmin would help you to gather lost parts of your ship to get you back to your home planet.

There was no other feeling as good as discovering a new colour of Pikmin. With each colour having individual advantages and disadvantages it added a strategic aspect to the game, unlike most other games aimed at all ages. The second installment saw many new aspects to the game such as co-op and different breeds of Pikmin.

With the third game on the way many other fans and myself are hoping it is no worse than the first 2. Flying Pikmin will be intesting to see how they work. Here's to another great game!


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