Kindle Fire HD 7" Review


First of all allow me to tell you what the Kindle Fire is if you are saying "Kai, what the heck is a kindle fire?!" Well my friend, the Kindle Fire is a tablet PC made by the online retail giants: Amazon. The original Kindle Fire was released in the United States on the 15th of November 2011, with the upgraded HD version being released the year after.

Before I begin my actual review allow me to give you a few of the specs of the Kindle.
Screen Size: 7 Inches
Display Resolution: 1280 x 800

Flash Memory: 16 GB
Operating System: Amazon Android Ice cream Sandwich

I have been quite satisfied with my experience from the Kindle, especially the better aspects it has over other tablets on the market. For starters, it have 4 speakers, compared to the single one found on the Ipad. When compared next to an Ipad it also has a brighter display when both are put on full brightness. So on paper, the Kindle has much better specs than the Ipad.

Now that's all good and well, but it all comes down to user satisfaction. I can honestly say that the Kindle was worth the cheap £159 price tag. It's fast, easy to use, runs well but the Skype application that comes with the tablet leaves a lot to be desired. It constantly crashes during calls. If you leaving it open for over 5 minutes whilst using another application it crashes, so the in-built webcam is a little difficult to use sometimes.

Whilst the Kindle screen is lock it display advertisements from Amazon on the lock-screen. You can pay an extra £10 to get rid of these advertisements. Some people say it's just another way of Amazon getting money out of you. Even though I don't agree with Amazon for doing this, I don't find it really hinders the performance and my satisfaction of using the product.  The ads never get in your way at all.

All-in-all I believe the Kindle Fire HD 7 to be a great value for money and performs really well in all aspects from sound to display. I really recommend anyone looking to purchase a tablet choose this one over the Ipad or the Nexus 7.

Comment below what your favored tablet is and why.

Hope you enjoyed this review, Kai.

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