Saint's Row IV Review


In the first game you were a gang member; in the second game your were a gang leader; in the third game you were a pop culture icon; now you are the president. Every promo I have seen for this game preaches those words in an effort to gather interest. Guess what? It worked. 

Saint's Row IV starts up with your character doing a covert mission in Afghanistan with MI6, in what I can only describe as the single best tutorial mission I have ever played. You're decked out in armor and a helmet, sneaking through an underground terrorist building.

In the middle of the desert, you scan the camp. Everything seems to be going according to plan when suddenly several trucks of enemies rush in. Your comrades start swearing about being compromised but that isn't good enough for you. Oh no, you rush in there and take the terrorists out like the Boss you are.

Fast-forward through the cutscenes and you find yourself walking through the White House to a press conference. You have several options as you make you way over: cure cancer or cure world hunger; punch someone or punch someone. Those are the tough decisions I enjoy making!

Enough of the storyline, let's move onto gameplay features. This installment introduces superpowers and weapon customization!

The superpower system brings in a whole new realm of fun for the activities. Run through Steelport at super-human speeds, bring death to the enemies from above with nuclear strikes, leave your enemies hanging with a stomp, and throw them into buildings with telekinesis.

Nothing is lacking in the weapon customization either. You get to choose different skins for each gun, and spend money to upgrade each gun's features so you have exactly what you want. There are weapon skins for Han Solo's pistol, the famed phaser from Star Trek, and even Captain Mal Reynold's pistol.

I can honestly say this is the best game I've played this season. Go get a copy and enjoy!

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