Top 5 PC Co-Op Games


5. Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes from Liberty City
There is no one thing that stands out in this game's co-op mode. Every aspect of it seems to be quite equal as you and a friend race through the streets of Liberty City, and hopping rooftops for the best sniping vantage points for when you inevitably get that five-star noriety rating.

4. Mass Effect 3

A lot of people lost faith in the series after the notorious ending to the trilogy. As disappointing as people found that, the multiplayer is pretty good. Your characters are not associated with Shepard. They are completely separate from the single-player portion.  They definitely get props for their item distribution. A common problem with multiplayer is fighting over one awesome item. In Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, you earn credits with each mission to buy item packs. It reminds me of getting trading card packs as a kid, minus the frustration of getting a duplicate. Getting a duplicate here just levels up the said item!

3. DayZ (ARMA II)

For those of you not familiar with DayZ, it is a hyper-realistic zombie survival mod for ARMA II. It takes into account hydration, nourishment, blood loss, and more. Here's where it gets really good: not only do you have to watch out for zombies, but you also have to look out for other players. They can and will kill you for any supplies you may have. Having a buddy with you makes this game really fun, as you can employ more tactics that way.

2. Left 4 Dead 2
This is a classic. It's a relatively cheap game that is fun to play. You and up to three other friends can play as four survivors of a zombie apocalypse. If zombies aren't your style, no problem. Steam Workshop is available for this game, so you can change practically every aspect of the game into something uniquely you.

1. Borderlands 2
The multiplayer in Borderlands 2 is seamless. The game's main menu displays who is in-game already and all you have to do is double click to join them.  One thing I really appreciate about their co-op is that the experience is shared so no one will get ahead of another player. Let's say you, a level 16, are playing with a level 20. You will each get experience distributed in a such a fashion that your character will catch up to the level 20 at a good pace.

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