The Adventures of Animal Crossing: Arriving In Town


I had never lived on my own before. I've lived with my mother ever since I was born. She looked after me, clothes me and kept a roof over my head for many years but it is time to move on. I have to decided to take the train out of town. I don't know where to or how I'm going to survive with little money but it was something that I needed to do. All I have are the clothes on my back and 1,000 bells to get me going.

I had been on the train for about 20 minutes when I was approached by the strange cat. Rover, his name was. A predominantly white face with a blue trimming and blue ears. He came and sat down across from me on the green leather seat, wearing a huge grin on his face. He introduced himself and then asked me for my name. "Heer" I replied. "Heer van Fortuin". "Interesting name" he relied, with his grin widening by the second. We carried on talking when he asked me where I was going. I told him I was going to Stad Geluk. This was the first location I saw when buying my ticket. He told me he knew a shopkeeper in the city that goes by the name of Tom Nook. Nook sold houses in the area so Rover gave him a call and got me a meeting with Nook to acquire a house. I was very grateful.

After a further 2 hours of travelling the train finally came to a stop. He we are.In the great city of Stad Geluk. I was nervous. I had no knowledge what so ever of my new home. Nothing at all. The train doors slowly slid open, I stepped off the train. Here I was, in my new home.

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Thanks for reading, Kai.

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