Reasons Why Battlefield Is Better Than Call of Duty


Good day readers! Happy new year and all that, We hope you had a good Christmas. Here's

to a wonderful 2014!

Today I shall be giving a few reasons as to why I believe the battlefield series if far more superior to the Call of Duty series. Which I have favoured since I play the original Battlefield: Bad Company.

1) Realism
Realism as we all know is a big part of FPS war games and Battlefield precisely fills this criteria. There is a fine ine between a game's realism and the enjoyment the gamer recieves. I believe battlefield has a good balance to this where as CoD is vastly more unrealistic. For example: Tactical insertion. These are found in a few CoD games, they allow the player to spawn wherever they placed the insertion in their previous life. Even when in a building this is possible which allows for some game-breaking occurances to happen. Battlefield has a similar tem know as the spawn beacon. This has the same concept as the tactical insertion but, however, when used the player will drop in from an aircraft by parachute. This is what would happen in a real situation and allows for the player to be shot out of the air by players on the ground,

2) Vehicles
This point is quite simple really. Battlefiend has a collection of land, water and air vehcles. Quad Bikes, Choppers and Jets are just a few of the multiple vehicles at you disposal. Many vehicles come equipped with body crippling machine guns and building destroying missiles to allow for maximum destruction! CoD has none at all.

3) Price
On release day both Battlefield and CoD games sell for around £40. After a few weeks/months you'd expect a game's retail price to drop, right? Well, in the case of Battlefiend yes it does, not for any reason other than it isn't new anymore. But in the case of CoD the stingy publishers refuse to drop their prices and stay at the same price and release day.

I hope this as convinced you enough to part with we in the war of war games! Tell me in the commentswhich of the 2 games you prefer and why?

See you next time guys!  -Kai-

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