Adventure Time Reviews: Season 1 - Episode 4


Title: Tree Trunks

Key Characters: Finn, Jake, Tree Trunks

Main Plot: Finn and Jake take a trip to go and see Tree Trunks, a small old elephant, where she has baked them an apple pie. Whilst Finn and Jake are having a near overdose of apple pie Tree Trunks tells the pair of the legend of the 'Crystal Gem Apple' which is known togrow deepwithin the woods. After hearing about the apple Finn and Jake set out on a quest with Tree Trunks to get her the crystal apple! With this being Tree Trunks' first ever adventure there are bound t be a few nasty surprises for her ahead.

Although Tree Trunks has a small appearance in Episode 1, Slumber Party Panic, with her line 'Oh I hope its not bad news.' this is there first main appearence for Tree Trunks. Tree Trunks is personally my favourite character from the series and I think quite rightly so! Tree Trunks is voiced Polly-Lou Livingston, a personal friend to Pendleton Ward.

Favourite Quote: 'This here's a scratch and sniff sticker, smells just like a pickle.' - Tree Trunks

Rating: 9/10

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