Adventure Time Reviews: Season 1 - Episode 3


Title: Prisoners of Love

Main Characters: Finn, Jake, Ice King.

Main Plot: Finn and Jake are out snowbarding in the Ice Kingdom where they run into The Ice King, leader of the Ice Kingdom. The 3 get into an argument which ultimately ends up with Ice King using his powers to freeze the pair and take them back to his Castle. Finn and Jake are thrown into a prison cell where they find thereelves with multiple princesses who Ice King has locked up in hope of marrying one of them. These Princesses range from Lumpy Space Princess to Wildberry Princess. Finn and Jake must conjure up a plan to escape a set the Princesses free, but will they?

This episode introduces Ice King for the first time in the series. Ice king is voiced by Tom Kenny, more commonly known for his voice work as Spongebob Squarepants. This episode quickly shows you that Ice King is the villain in the land of Ooo although you can't help but love how hopeless he can be.

Favourite Quote: 'Does it stand for Big Nerd?!' - Jake
Rating: 6/10

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