Kai's Top 5 Magic Artworks


5.Temple of Epiphany (Foil)
Temple of Epiphany is a Red/Blue dual land that enters the battlefield tapped whilst you scry 1. It's image shows a golden shrine with lightning bolts being given off of it with people fleeing from it. I really like this card in it's foil version because the lighting bolts shine reall well and really look as if they're giving off light.

4. Gluttonous Cyclops
Gluttonous Cyclops is a 5/4 red creature with monstousity 3. It is a 6 cost and it's image depicts the Gluttonous Cyclops devouring mounds and mounds of sheep. The image also shows a small, peaceful-looking cottage in the background.

3. Bountiful Harvest
Bountiful Harvest is a Green Sorcery card that gives you 1 life for every land under your control.The image depicts multiple purple-pink berries on a tree branch where one is shining a bright gold colour. The card is especially good in foil.

2. Gorgon's Head
Gorgon's Head is a 1-cost artifact-equpipment that gives the equipped creature deathtouch. The image is of a decapitated head of the mythilogical creature, medusa. This card is also much better looking in it's foil version. It's also a good card in itself as it's a low cost equipment for deathtouch.

1. Eye Gouge
Eye Gouge is a 1 cost, black-instant card which gives target creature -1/-1 and destorys it if it is a Cyclops. The card's image is of a Cyclops' head which is having it's eye 'Gouged' out with what looks to be an arrow which is giving off a sort of wavy aura.

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