Kai's Top 5 YouTube Channels


Achievement Hunter is a gaming channel which mainly focuses on ,as the name suggests, achievement guides and let's plays. Achievement Hunter is a sub-company of Rooster Teeth productions and occasionally invite other members of Rooster Teeth to feature is their video. The main members are: Jack Pattillo,Geoff Ramsey, Michael Jones, Gavin Free, Ray Narvaez Jr., and Ryan Haywood.

 4. The Yogscast

The Yogscast are a group of Youtubers who produce gaming-related video content, focused around their main YouTube channel, YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon (formerly BlueXephos). The channel was co-founded by both Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane originally producing World of Warcraft content but has since moved more towards producing Minecraft videos.
SciShow is a series of science-related videos on YouTube. The channel is hosted by Hank Green of the Vlog Brothers. SciShow focusing on all areas of science ranging from Meteorology to Quantum-Physics. Sci Show supports the idea of GM Crops but has come under criticism for doing so.

Vlogbrothers is a video blog style channel on YouTube. The Internet-based show is created and hosted by brothers, John Green and Hank Green. The fans and supporters of Vlogbrothers are known individually as Nerdfighters, and collectively as Nerdfighteria

WheezyWaiter is a vlog-based YouTube channel staring Craig Benzine. There is no overall theme to his vlogs other than complete insanity. Whatever kind of vlog he feel like making on that day he will make As of April 22, 2014, his channel has over 530,000 subscribers and more than 86.5 million total video views.

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