Rick and Morty Episode 01 – Pilot


 I'm going to try to avoid stating the obvious with this cartoon; I trust you can tell what iconic characters are being referenced here...

In the beginning we are introduced to alcoholic, vomit chinned Rick, a “crazy scientist” with his own empty can filled flying machine; made entirely out of things from the garage. Then Morty, Rick’s unfortunate grandson, dragged unwillingly from the comfort of his bed by his grandfather to go on inter-dimensional adventure or in this first case, to keep Rick company as he attempts to recreate the world with a bomb. That’s not even what this whole episode is about...
These two characters are both voiced by Justin Roiland who you may notice also created the show along with Dan Harmon (writer of Community) but you’ll probably recognise his voice as Lemongrab from Adventure Time.

Back to the episode, we meet the rest of the family; Beth, Morty’s mother and Rick’s daughter the “heart surgeon” for horses. Jerry, the disappointing Son in Law who is currently between jobs and lastly Summer, Morty’s older sister. They seem like your average family, besides Rick, who is clearly disturbing any normality they possessed before his arrival into the family home. That’s not mentioning Rick’s impact on Morty’s general health.

I'm trying to avoid any plot spoilers, so in conclusion Rick and Morty is full of morbid and potentially controversial humour; interesting places and characters with the occasional commentary on society.
“The world is full of idiots, that don’t understand what’s important” Rick.

This first episode sets up the mood of Rick and Morty and all the necessary context for things to make a tiny bit of sense.

Thank you for reading, this has been a post brought to you by Devon (guest contributor).

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