Top Free Indie Horror Games


Indie games in general are great but there's something about indie horror games that I love. The element of surprise really captivates the true meaning of horror but that's not why I love them. Not everyone loves a horror game but these top free indie horror games should be played by everyone as not only are they free but they are absolutely amazing!

Slender: The Eight Pages

Behind this survival horror game, there is a fakeloric story to the character of Slender Man. It was believed that a male figure said to be wearing a black suit was responsible for the abduction of children. This mysterious figure was also said to be thin and have no eyes.

This first person perspective is set in the dead of night equipped with only a flash light. Eight pages are left in the abandoned forest to be collected. On every page there will be a message from what appears to be drawn by a child (one of the abducted children perhaps?) of a description of Slender Man. The player must quickly find the eight pages before the battery life on the flash light dies or gets captured by Slender Man himself. Once all the eight pages have been found, there is an option to unlock new game modes.

Mad Father

This game was originally realised is Japan but was translated into English. Mad father is a horror-puzzle game that is set around a young German girl named Aya Drevis. This first person perspective is set around Aya who lives with her father Alfred (also known as Doctor) and the doctors assistant Maria. The story involves the mysterious death of Aya's mother and the mystery of the fathers work. On the night of the mothers death a year after, Aya is awakened by the screams of her father, only to find corpses wondering the mansion. As anyone would, Aya is determined to save her father but discovers the true meaning of her fathers work and whether or not she can come to terms with it.


Which is a short, first-person game in which appears inside a really small house where scrambling through the cupboards and draws can help find an exit. By searching thoroughly, it can lead to a door with a heartbeat behind it and others with a shape of a head painted on it. In the game, your vision is distorted leaving imagery in black and white making it uncomfortable to move around and making it uneasy to focus. Once items have been found in the house it becomes apparent that you are not alone in the house and that they don't seem to like your presents.

7 Days

There isn't much to be said about this first person game without giving away too much. The game starts with you waking up in a small room where you explore the long corridors to find keys and mystery rooms. This game is full of jump scares. Once you feel as if the game has got you, you find a letter which reads "Its not time yet" where it sends you back to be awaken. Through out the game, before being sent back to bed, in red blood "run" is flashed on the screen where a black figure appears to be chasing you. As the days continue the days get shorter and creeper meaning the jump scares get frequent. This continues for 6 days until the 7th. By this time you would have seen what has been following you and only leaves the player feeling uneasy of the 7th day.

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