The Five: Musical Pieces


Hello! Maddy here with another segment of "The Five!" This week I wanted to talk to y'all about music! Music is one of the purest forms of expressing all sorts of emotions, from excitement to empathy. Therefore, I wanted to promote some of my favorite songs (in no particular order) for your aural pleasure!

The Seatbelts - "Space Lion" - Cowboy Bebop OST
This song, which plays in the episode "Jupiter Jazz: Part II," is the death memorial for one of the series' characters. It is a mix of somber saxaphone with tribal chanting, and a gradual progression to a stunning climax. It invokes the feeling that a great turmoil has passed, but that the price was a substantial one. It's very moving.

Arianne - "Komm, Susser Todd" - End of Evangelion
Perhaps one of the strangest contrasts of the twentieth century, this cheerfully upbeat song is about omnicide and mass extinction. It plays during the "Third Impact" event of the Evangelion franchise, but the song itself is absolutely phenomenal. With beautiful vocals and a pop rock style that wouldn't feel out of place in the 1970s, this seven-and three-quarter minute song will have you singing along as it all returns to nothing.

PMMK - "Only One Magic Word" - Little Busters! OST
Key Visual Arts is known for making some of the best Visual Novels in the harem genre, as well as some of the best VN-to-Anime adaptations. Most of the music of their franchises takes on a mystical element, with mood-setting wind instruments, solid drum beats, and chilling piano. "Only One Magic Word" is no different, featuring an assortment of wind chimes, a xylophone, and some unique synthesized elements.

Wolfgang Gartner - "Cognitive Dissonance" - Weekend in America
I'm not really sure how to describe this piece, other than it's classified as dubstep and electronic and it sounds amazing. The high energy and tempo make it a perfect track to listen to when driving down the highway at high speed, working out, or studying for a midterm.

Yoko Kanno - "Europe" - Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex OST
I absolutely love the Ghost in the Shell series. In fact, it was this series that got me into blog writing (but that's another story). My absolute favorite track from that work is definitely this nighttime jazz melody, which starts out kind of slowly and deliberately before increasing its tempo dramatically.

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