Murder Souls Suspect Review - By My Dad


Quick Plot Summary
You play a murdered Policeman who's job it is to find out who murdered you and why. There are many suspects to your murder and the game is tied in with a clever plot with many twists and turns along the way.

Good Aspects
The graphics are extremely exceptional although the game is set mostly at night. There are many subplots within the game so you're not bonged down with the same constant plot. There are many other side quests as well so you have many objectives to complete with a wide variety of tasks to complete. Although a very short game it is very enjoyable. There are many places to visit within the semi-open world such as churches, asylums and the police station. There are no add-ons such as yet but I'm sure there are some to come.

Bad Aspects
The game is quite short despite all the positives. Not a terribly challenging game for the most skilled players and there is no option to go back through the game and replay levels. This is quite a setback as there are many collectible items to retrieve throughout the game but if you don't get them the first time there is no way to go back and get them again without re-playing the game. 

I would thoroughly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys solving mysteries and puzzles as it has just that. If I had the chance to go back in time I would probably wait until the game was cheaper and on the "Bargain Shelf" before buying it due to the lack of content and being able to replay levels this game has.

Rating: 7/10

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