My Nerdy List Of Things To Do Over Summer!


Ty the Tasmanian Tiger
So guys, summer is here! Every year I say I'm going to get so much done over the 6 week break but I always reach the end of the 6 weeks regretting how little I've done with my time. So this year I have decided to write a list of 5 things I want to get done over the summer! These will be mostly nerdy things so don't expect anything like "Hug a dolphin" or "Slap a Giraffe".

1. Watch (Yet again) the complete Star Wars saga. (With the girlfriend)

2. Complete at least 2 video games. (Most likely to be Zelda)
Update: One of the games I have decided to complete is Ty the Tasmanian Tiger (Oh such nostalgia)

3. Get a black belt on Club Penguin! (That's right, I'm re-kindleing my love for Club Penguin, that shit was my childhood.)

4. Get this blog to reach 3000 views! (Another great milestone I never thought this blog would reach.)

5. Learn basic Java coding skills. (I started doing this a while ago and want to start again.)

I will keep you guys updated on how I'm doing with these things so be sure to follow this blog, comment and keep checking back.

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