Adventure Time Reviews: Season 1 - Episode 5


Episode 5 Intro Card
Title: The Enchiridion

Key Characters: Finn, Jake, Doorkeeper

Main Plot: After Finn saves Princess Bubblegum from falling from a tower at her party she takes Finn to a secret room and tells Finn about the Enchiridion, a book that only the most righteous of heroes are able to seek out and posses. Finn and Jake must undergoes a series of tasks and mental challenges at a place guarded by the Gatekeeper in order to obtain the book of heroes. This book contains a guide for the way of life for a hero, one of which Finn desires to be. So will Finn and Jake find the book?

This episode is the first time the Enchiridion is mentioned and appears. The Enchiridion is mentioned throughout all the Adventure Time series as Finn uses it as a reference of what to do when he's in a predicament. This is also the first time you see Finn as a hero. He is hailed as a hero for the first time so this episode is the beginning Finn's journey to being the perfect hero.

Favourite Quote: 'These are my 
pyjamas, I was getting ready for bed.' - Gatekeeper

Rating: 7/10

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