Android Versus Apple: The Battle Of The Hulks


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I know I’m a tad late to the party with this comparison, but what with iOS 8 and Android L coming out soon I thought I’d give it a go. If you go to any forum or any website where users can comment, you’re 99% more likely to see Apple getting ripped apart by rampaging “Android fanboys”. The arguments are usually fairly predictable; Battery time, the crazy patenting of the company, and of course, the price. Accompanied by these comments are usually “Apple fanboys” opposing these and commenting on Androids “Low production cost”, low security, and the “Constant watching of that oh-so evil company, Google”.

So let’s use our wonderful, childlike mind for a while and imagine these two Hulking adversaries are battling it out against each other in the murky depths of underground New York. In this scenario, “Android” would be The Incredible Hulk (Respectively…what with the greenness) and “Apple” would be Red Hulk (Because apples are sometimes red? I don’t know). I think this is a pretty fair scenario because honestly…Apple and Android are pretty equal when it comes to strength (Or quality of the phone).

As a previous owner of both phones (Had the iPhone 4 for about a year and currently own an Xperia M) I have to say; I think it all depends on the user of said device. If you’re a simple kind of person (with a fair amount of money) and just want a nice, simple, beautiful phone, an iPhone what you’re looking for. With its beautifully clean UI, social media integration, and an app store full to the brim of productive (*cough*candycrush*cough*) apps, it’s pretty dang perfect for the everyday business person (who can spare the cash) that just wants a good looking phone to check their emails and calls. 

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Android, however, is more for the “experienced” user. If you know what you’re doing, or even if you know how to do a simple Google search, you can customize and max out most Android phones to the god dang limit. Let’s face it, there’s nothing more satisfying than having the ability to even change your Facebook icon to a picture of dickbutt, or a small Stegosaurus Rex. Of course, I never told you this, but getting any app for free is as easy as downloading from 4shared on the phone itself. 

So let’s come back to our Hulk and Red Hulk scenario that we completely ignored up until this point. Android, being the “good guy” of the two, as it’s praised by 90% of internet users is pretty much the same as Apple when it comes to strength. Android is just more tailored for “experienced” users who want their very own phone and customized experience, whereas Apple is more suited for the average business person, just looking for a simple phone to do its job.

Windows phones are just awful though

Written By - Capten Masin

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