What do video gamers love more than the games themselves?


Q: What do video gamers love more than the games themselves?
A: Talking about games
I realize this seems obvious but I didn’t truly appreciate this phenomenon until my roommate and I bonded during a session of SkyrimSunday.  On these amazing days, we will set up our consoles next to each other and play Skyrim (or just video games in general) for several hours in a row.  Although it may be a single player game with no online feature, simply playing next to each other in the same room exponentially adds to the experience.  During these times we will talk about various moments, troubles, quest lines, battle strategies, and all the other great aspects of this Elder Scrolls masterpiece.
Sitting there getting upset with Lydia (if you get this reference you understand how annoying she can be) I realized that with all my friends that are gamers, our initial conversations revolved around Bioshock Infinite, Pokemon, Skyrim, Super Smash Brothers, and other great games.  This opened the door for us to talk about other topics because we were comfortable with each other based on our game preferences being similar.
I went to Comic Con in Philadelphia earlier in the summer and I had a blast.  Not only because I dressed as Ness (made famous in Earthbound and Super Smash Brothers), but also because everyone there was just so excited about the event that it was such an energetic and respectful group of people. 
These examples truly show just how unifying video games can be.  I understand that there are millions of other activities or community-creating ideas and life points (parenting, sports, career, etc.) that offer the same level of relationship that video games give.  In my experience however, I found that there is such a difference when it comes to video games and the culture around them.  Reddit for example offers several subreddits (subcategories and forums for discussion) on different video games, TV shows, political standings, and hundreds of others, but my truly favorite forums are those dedicated to video games.  For the most part, gamers, and the entire “geek” culture in particular just generates a different kind of person.
So if you are interested in joining in on the discussion and engaging with me about your favorite games, heroes, villains, sequel, etc., then send me a Movy.  A Movy message is a video message you can send to me (or anyone honestly) at your convenience.  Here is an example on what it does.  I would love to converse with you all because that is the best part of video games and blogging.  So next time you play a single player game, do it with a close friend playing the same game next to you and let me know just how amazing it truly is!

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