The JK Vision Spotlight - Manager League


I thought today that I'd write about a game that has had me hooked for about 5 years: Manager League. This is a game that I have been playing for so long that I have seen so many big changes within the game.

Manager League Team Selection Page
Manager League is a free-browser game where you take control of your own football team and you can train, buy and sell players. The game has relatively short seasons when compared to other types of manager games as the seasons only last a month, allowing for a fast moving and dynamic environment where anything can happen.

I love this game not only because of the game-play but also because of the community it possesses. There are a wide range of community forums full of other friendly managers who are more than happy to help with any questions you may have, whether they be about the game or anything you can think of!

Unlike many other free-to-play-games, manager league doesn't require you to buy extra features in order to get somewhere within the game. You can fully enjoy this game without spending any extra money on in-game "Credits" even though these may help with success rates and such. These credits can be spend on many different features of the game such as: Playing friendlies, joining cups and changing player names.

The game is constantly being updated with new features so the game never becomes old and stale. The developers of the game frequently visit the game's forums and read suggestions by the players and sometimes even implement them into the game or offer reasons as to why these ideas would not be a good idea.

I thoroughly recommend this game to anyone who has an interest in football, strategy games or even both! Please give this game a try and say that I sent you!

Click Here To Play!

Thank's for reading guys!

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