Things For Geeks - Red Dwarf


Red Dwarf is a cult-comedy Sci-Fi show based on the adventures of a tea

m of people through space. The content of all 10 series’ of Red Dwarf is focused on David Lister, the last remaining human alive, trying to find his way back to Earth which is millions of light years away. This was after the entire crew on the mining ship “Red Dwarf” were killed in a disastrous explosion where only David Lister survived as he was is “Stasis” at the time.

Lister left stasis after being in there for 3,000,000 years. All that was left of the crew was him, the ship’s computer Holly and the descendant of his cat “Frankenstein” before he went into stasis. The descendant of his can has now evolved into a human form but still as similar characteristics of a cat. To keep Lister sane Holly return Lister’s roommate Arnold Rimmer to the ship as a Hologram, the ship was only capable of projecting 1 hologram at a time so Holly chose to return Rimmer as he was who Lister spoke to the most out of the entire crew.

The crew now consisted of Lister, Rimmer and Cat. They must fight their way through many alien encounters in space and recover resources from abandoned ships to survive. Later on in the series’ they meet a servant android who’s ship had crashed and take him onto their own ship. His name is Kryton. Kryton worked as a loyal servant to the crew and many times has he got them out of tough situations and predicaments.

Red Dwarf follows this crew through all their adventures, people come and go but the crew always stays together. I thoroughly recommend Red Dwarf to almost anyone as it is family-friendly and great fun to watch. Will Lister ever return to Earth? That is the true question. 

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