Titanic is to James Cameron, what The Last of Us is to Sony


Jack stands at the front of the ship with his arm held above his head in a triumphant manner as he yells out one of his most iconic lines, “I'm the king of the world!” With the release of Titanic in 1997, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, and James Cameron certainly were on top of the world as the huge blockbuster spread like wildfire throughout silver screens and award shows.

James Cameron
On June 14th, 2013, arguably the greatest video game of all time was released and it caused Sony and Naughty Dog to do something similar to Jack and cry out to the all-knowing video game gods, “We are the kings of the video game world!”  Within its first week of release, The Last of Us sold 1.3 million copies and 7 million copies worldwide since.  More than 200 different newspapers, magazines, and game review sites declared it the “Game of the Year”.

Anyone can go to Wikipedia and find these statistics (which is exactly what I did to be honest) but what comes next proves my original thought that Titanic and The Last of Us are more than just iconic creations in their respective genres. 

It was not until I learned of the PS4 re-release that I began to draw the comparisons.  With the new technology afforded to Sony with the next-gen console, of course they would take (again) arguably the best game ever created and remaster it with beautiful gameplay, and seamless animations as a result of the implemented 60 frames per second.  If this reminds you of James Cameron re-releasing Titanic in 3D then you are certainly on the same page as me.

The Last Of Us Boxart
Although it was suggested he was doing it simply for the money (if that was the case I truly don’t blame him), I don’t think that was it.  Titanic, according to Rotten Tomatoes, is not Cameron’s best film.  Believe it or not, Terminator (and Terminator 2!!) received a better score than Titanic.  However, Titanic presents more than just a good story, it is heaped in nostalgia.  The Last of Us has not been around for long enough to bring back memories of childhood begging to be “painted like one of your French girls.”

The Last of Us does however, capitalize on an increasingly forgetful society.  By remaking a game that is still relatively young, it serves to capture the same audience that experienced the award-winning story line and character development.

So basically what I am getting at is this, Titanic and The Last of Us are supreme rulers of their respective genres and they each deserved to be re-released.  They travelled a similar trajectory based on their success.  One can only hope that this all comes full circle and has James Cameron work on the cinematic release of The Last of Us: The Movie.

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