A Nerd's Enimies


We as nerds are a fairly dormant group of people. We tend to take our Sci-Fi films, comics and fantasy games and hide away in our battle stations for days on end. But when an imposter claims to be part of your group all hell breaks loose.

Fake Nerds
Fake nerds are a special group of people who claim to be of the nerd variety just because they think it's "cool". We're talking about the types of people who put on a Batman shirt and post a picture to Twitter saying "Lol I'm such a nerd, don't care what you think." Behold, the fake nerd. We want people who have an entire collection of comic books and own the Star Wars trilogy. Not people who say "Urr, why aren't Batman and Superman in the Ave
ngers? They are like way the super people." Say no to fake nerds!

Self-Proclaimed "Gamers"
We also loath those guys or girls that call their selves gamers yet all they play is CoD and FIFA. Now don't get me wrong, some of the early CoD and Fifa games were good but you can hardly call yourself a gamer when they're all you play. These are the types of people who say "Why do you still play Super Mario Bros? That game I so old!". Real gamers are people who play The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, The Elder Scrolls...a wide range of games!

Nerds are a very selective community. We will only refer to someone as a nerd if we feel that they have earned it. They need to show they have a good knowledge of Star Wars and can buy the Hyrulian Shield. So lets spread the word! No more fake nerds!

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