Adventure Time Princesses


I have watched every episode of Adventure time from series 1 to series 6 which means I have came across a lot of strange princess. In this post I'm going to go through 3 of my favourite princess from the most popular princess to the strange but wonderful princesses.

The first princess is the third princess with the most screen time after Princess Bubblegum and Flame Princess.
Lumpy Space Princess is, in my opinion, one of the funniest characters from Adventure Time along side Cinnamon Bun. Her sassy attention-seeking attitude and her archetype of a spoiled teenager is what makes her funny and likable. She is voiced by the creator of Adventure Time, Pendleton Ward, hence the reason she sounds so much like a block.

We are first introduced to her spoiled teenager ways in the first series "Trouble in Lumpy Space" where the lines "whatever" and "fine", are introduced. In this episode we are taken to Lumpy Space where we are shown her true spoiled teenager attitude when she says one of my favourite line of all time (and one of the most used saying by any teenager) " parents are horrible idiots".

My favourite Adventure Time episode where she makes an appearance in is "the Monster" where she does what most teenagers say they will do and ran away from home. Lumpy Space Princess became the monster after stealing and eating the fat peoples food. Once Finn and Jake find the monster who is actually LSP, she begins to tell them her story which featured a heart warming story about her short stay with a wolf family where she believes she can tell what the pack of wolfs are saying by there body language.

The second princess is Princess Beautiful who was dug up by Finn in the episode "To Cut A Woman's Hair" where Finn was in desperate need of beautiful hair to save his friend Jake. Finn was sure that a name like Princess Beautiful would lead him to find beautiful hair but did not read her gravestone which said "Here lies Princess Beautiful. She was so beautiful but died of baldness."This episode is the only episode, to knowledge, she is in and therefore only has three lines to her name.

Although the character of Princess Beautiful has only a few lines, the character is voiced by the 17 year old Jeremy Shada who is most popular for the character of Finn.

I find the character of Princess Beautiful interesting as it is impossible to die of baldness and many probably haven't found it that interesting as it's comical to find a princess who is beautiful to have no hair but I think there's more to this character. My theory of this princess is that she got an illness which caused her to loss her hair and die. Saying she died of baldness is a less harsh realisation that she may have died of an illness.

I chose Breakfast Princess as my third princess as she's one of the cutest princesses, in my opinion. She was first introduced in the episode "Hitman" where the ice king tries to get Breakfast Princess and one of her sisters, Toast Princess to eat, what looked like honey which may have been poisoned.

The character of Breakfast Princess is voiced by the same person who voices Peanut Princess and the Ice Queen who is featured in The Adventures of Fiona and Cake, Grey DeLisle. The character of the Ice Queen has, in fact, relations to the character of Cake as Cake has the power of ice just like the Ice Queen.

Breakfast Princesses major role is in the episode "Princess Day" where we are comforted with Breakfast Princesses issue with Lumpy Space Princess.

Breakfast Princess is made up of food which you would find in a proper breakfast like bacon, egg, pancakes and toast. The bacon is her hair accessories and her belt, the toast is her torso, the pancake is her skirt and the egg is her face and hair.

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