Adventure Time Reviews: Season 1 - Episode 6


Title: The Jiggler

The Jiggler Title Slide Card

Key Characters: Finn, Jake, The Jiggler

Main Plot: When Finn and Jake are making their way back home after saving Stanley the watermelon and his family they come across a small little creature who loved to dance to Finn's singing, which was auto-tuned due to him swallowing a 
miniature computer. Because of this and other reasons the guys decide to name the small creature "The Jiggler." The duo decide to take The Jiggler back to their tree house where they party all night long until Finn decides it's time for bed and give The Jigger the comfiest spot on the bed. They wake up and begin partying again when they decide it's time to feed their newly found pet but it turns out that he is either allergic or just doesn't like the food they gave him because he seems to have some sort of reaction to the purple berries as he starts to spew out a purple kind of liquid. The Heroes must return The Jiggler to where they found him but will they do it in time?

I must admit that "The Jigger" is one of my least favourite episodes due to the lack of comical scripting and a generic storyline. I purely just don't like the fact that there isn't much going on in this episode, it's quite easy to get distracted by other things as the episode doesn't really draw you in too well.

Favourite Quote: 'I have 2 stomachs, they're in my butt.' - Jake

Rating: 4/10

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