Manager League Continued - Top Tips For Beginners


Due to my first Manager League post receiving almost 500 views I thought that I should write a follow up post to this amazing game! If you haven't read the previous post you can find here.

Manager League is a free-browser game where you take control of your own football team and you can train, buy and sell players. The game has relatively short seasons when compared to other types of manager games as the seasons only last a month, allowing for a fast moving and dynamic environment where anything can happen.

Top Tips For Beginners:
1) Take your time to familiarize yourself with the different pages within the game, especially your team's tactics, training, stadium and friendlies.

2) Read, IN FULL, the Manager League help blog found here. This will tell you all the ins and outs of the game from team training to player evaluations. It also gives you a few tips on how to sort our your tactics for your first match!

3) Play friendlies! I made the mistake of not taking friendlies so seriously when I started out and struggled to train and improve my players. Never forget the importance of friendlies!

4) Take part in the game's forums and make friends! Managers you are friendly with are more likely to help you out with advice and maybe even a few players.

5) Read your opponent's match reports. Managers in lower leagues don't tend to change their tactics every game so you can predict what tactics they will be using against you and then base your own tactics on what they will be using against you to give yourself the best chance of winning.

Some Info For Beginners:
These aren't really tips for the game or anything but some of this info may help when in game forums.

Spinner - Spinner is the "Main Man" when it comes to Manager League, he is the lead developer and what not.

Ball Control - You may see a few people talking/complaining about Ball Control. Ball Control is a new player attribute that was only added this season (118).

Some managers use 3rd Party tools to help them within game:
Manager League Tools - Get exact quality values for teams and players and you can get your matches analysed for free.

Manager League Reports - Make as many report of your players qualities over the course of your season and keep track of exactly how many gains your players are getting.

Please please please give this game a try. So much effort goes into the developing and running of the game and I'm sure you will absolutely love it!

Play the game here!

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