Nerdy Facts About Marvel and DC



For Star Wars fans, Darth Vader was inspired by the Fantastic Four villain, Dr. Doom.

Spider-Man was not in the avengers as Marvel had sold the rights to Sony also selling the rights to X-Men to Fox.

In the 90's, Michael Jackson tried to buy Marvel as he wanted to play Spider-Man in a movie.

Robert Bruce Banner was given to Hulk after Stan Lee accidentally wrote Hulks name as Bob Banner in a few comics instead of what he has originally called him, Bruce Banner.

While X-Men are considered mutants and not humans, Marvel avoided paying a taxes that were an increase on toys that resemble humans. X-MEN ARE MUTANTS, NOT HUMANS.

Stan Lee has been featured in almost 70 films such as Spider-Man, The Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man.

Northstar was the first openly gay superhero in 1992 but DC's Green Lantern was the most publicised superhero for being openly gay.


Superman favourite food was Beef Bourguignon up until 2005 where he then became a vegetarian.

Green Lantern was intended to be a comedy where Jack Black was to play Green Lantern.

Harley Quinn was introduced in an animated series of Batman but she was so popular that she was added to the squad.

Wonder woman was created as a feminism idol and was inspired by Princess Diana.

Captain Marvel is a super hero created by DC comics and not by company that shared is name.

Aquaman is Left handed

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