The Nuzlocke Challenge: The Toughest thing in Pokemon since Whitney’s Miltank


The Nuzlocke Challenge:

The Toughest thing in Pokemon since Whitney’s Miltank 
Okay, so to start off with, you had to have played Pokemon Silver, Gold, or Crystal and realized the true plight of being one-hit KO’d by the godlike strength of Whitney’s Miltank using rollout.  Those that experienced the despair of losing your fire-starter that just plowed through the bug-type gym know how depressing that can be.  So as you may have guessed, I am quite the Pokemon enthusiast. As I was engaging with my former roommate in a Pokemon-filled discussion, he alerted me of a challenge-mode called the Nuzlocke Challenge. 
The Nuzlocke Challenge breaks down to the most important rule: if a Pokemon faints, it is considered “dead”.  Just playing with this rule is difficult enough.  So if you are interested in “running a Nuzlocke” but are worried about the other rules, this is a great way to start out.
The second rule is that you can only catch one Pokemon per route.  The true catch though, is that it has to be the first Pokemon that attacks when in a new route, area, or city.  So even if it happens to be the third Rattata in a row, it is still your only possibility to catch a Pokemon.  The remaining rule is more optional but I think it should be mandatory because it is fun.  You have to nickname each Pokemon you catch. This creates a stronger bond between trainer and Charles instead of just a regular Zubat.  There are tons of additional rules people have made over the years so feel free to check them out as well.
These rules truly makes any Pokemon game more interesting and emotional due to the inability to revive a fallen brother and because of the deep connection to each nicknamed Pokemon.  There are several reports about the first Nuzlocke so I won’t bother you with multiple accounts.  One of the most popular accounts, actually found at, also featured an illustration of the Nuzlocke Challenge while the events unfolded.  There is a very sentimental panel in which Butterfree dies as a result of being poisoned and the trainer being unable to return to the Pokemon center in time.  I had a similar occurrence in my first-ever run through on a Pokemon game.  I won’t bore you with the tale but you can watch this Movy message for the quick highlights.
Great games are able to be altered and updated, yet still illicit a feeling from its players.  For me, Pokemon has always been that game for me.  This blog post is not just about the Nuzlocke Challenge, but also about the possibility of finding a favorite game.  The game may be 5, 10, maybe even 20 years old but just keep playing different games.  Try out different arcade games or find old games and try everything.  Who knows, the next time you happen upon the clearance bin at Gamestop may be the day you find your favorite game of all time.  Then once you find that game, and beat it 15 times, find a comparable Nuzlocke Challenge so you can return your level of connectivity to if it was just your first time.

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