Adventure Time Reviews: Season 1 - Episode 7


Title: Ricardio The Heart Guy

Ricardio The Heart Guy Slidecard

Key Characters: Finn, Jake, Ricardio, Princess Bubblegum, Ice King

Main Plot: Finn and Jake have been invited to Princess Bubblegum's party. Being madly in love with PB, Finn tries to woo the young princess but sadly to no avail. Finn sees PB talking and dancing away with this heart shaped person known as Ricardio who is voiced by Star Trek actor George Takei. Although Jake believes Ricardio is an okay guy Finn isn't quite so sure. Finn is determined to uncover what Ricardio is hiding, especially after he is caught throwing Ice King into an old bin.

Ricardio is far different from any other episode of adventure time. It is more dark and creepy. It is written differently, maybe because it was the first time a well known guest voice actor was on the show, who knows. It has a kind of murder-mystery aspect to it even though there was no murder. Will Finn prove that Ricardio isn't all that he seems to be.

Favourite Quote: 'You look kinda like a big pink baguette.' - Jake

Rating: 8/10

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