Adventure Time Reviews: Season 1 - Episode 9


Title: My Two Favourite People

Key Characters: Finn, Jake, Lady Rainicorn

Main Plot: After he and Lady Rainicorn become official, Jake wants Finn and lady Rainicorn to get to know 
each other more. As Finn is his best friend and Lady is his girlfriend it is obvious that Jake wants them two to become friends so they can all hang out as a trio. All is going swimmingly until Jake wants to hang out with them but they tell him that they have already made plan with each other! Poor Jake :( Jake becomes overwhelmingly jealous and goes to extreme measures in order to win back his girlfriend and his best friend.

This episode of Adventure Time is the first to tackle a read world issue...Jealousy. We have all experienced it at some point in our lives whether it be through romance, possessions etc. The episode teaches you that jealousy can be ugly but you can always deal with it through non-hurtful ways! This is a great episode where you get to meet Lady Rainicorn properly for the first time. Again, this is a must watch episode!

Favourite Quote: 'No response huh? Guess you're good,' - Shelby the Worm

Rating: 8/10

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