Adventure Time Reviews: Season 1 - Episode 10


Title: Memories of Boom Boom Mountain

Key Characters: Finn, Jake, Mountain Man

Main Plot: Finn and Jake are in a Marauder village rough-housing with the locals when they start to hear crying coming from a mountain towering above the village. Finn and Jake climb the mountain to discover a Mountain Man who absolutely hates violence! Finn and Jake have to come up with a solution to the problem but it seems that every solution Finn comes up with causes a problem for someone else!  (We've all had that problem haven't we?)

This episode of Adventure Time is the first ever episode to use the word "Math" as a word of profanity, e.g "Math this!" Using non-swear words for profanity has become quite common in adventure time now, include words like "What the cabbage?" and "Lump off!" This is a marvelous way of expressing emotions in a way that most people do in the real world whilst keeping the show suitable for kids.

Favourite Quote: 'Math this!,' - Finn

Rating: 7/10

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