Let's Focus On Dr Matt Taylor (Not The Shirt)


As requested by a reader I have decided to write about Dr Matt Taylor's accomplishments as a scientist and not on the shirt where all media attention has been drawn which you can read about here.

Dr Matt Taylor is a British Physicist who is most well known for his role as project scientist on the Rosetta mission. Matt Taylor received a degree in physics from the University of Liverpool and then proceeded to earn a Ph.D is space physics from the Imperial College London. After obtaining his Ph.D he spent the next few years working as a cluster research fellow at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory which eventually led to his appointment of Cluster Project Scientist in 2005.

What I would consider the pinnacle of his life was when he was appointed project scientist of the Rosetta mission in 2013. The Rosetta mission, only recently, was the first ever space probe to land on a comet nucleus. Before the probe even touched down Matt Taylor had a tattoo of the probe successfully land on the comet onto his thigh in early 2014. This showed his utter dedication towards the project and the huge amount of confidence he had for the mission!

What I am saying is let's not focus on the controversial shirt, no matter what you think of it. Let's focus on the person! The magnificent British scientist that was part of the team that successfully landed the probe on the comet for the first time ever. Let's appreciate what science has done for us, not just over the past few years but in our life time. Science is the reason why many of us are still alive today. Without advances in Science may of us wouldn't make it into adulthood. Respect our scientists, no matter what field, gender or race. Let us go on from this stronger, and better. Let's see more advances in the world of Science and together we can go forward as one.

Who is your favourite scientist or what is your favourite field of science and why?

Thanks for reading!

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