Scared of The Evil Within *Guest Post*


Hi I'm Siobhan from Unexpected Geek, please go check out my blog via the link, and I'm very excited to be a guest post on the JK-Vision so here it is...

So my other half recently got me to play 'The Evil Within' for his YouTube channel BeardedOne (you should all go and subscribe it's awesome!) I must be a glutton for punishment as I stupidly said yes! I have to admit the videos do make for some entertainment and you will also note how hilarious my other half thinks it is! Genuinely I was petrified playing it and as you will see I didn't get very far at all and refused to make a part 3. 

I am not a huge fan of scary movies or games I can just about watch other people play them but even then some of the time it is behind a pillow or have my eyes shut. So you can all imagine how difficult it was for me to play the game and not be able to use my hands to cover my eyes. The main pull for me to  play the video was out of pure intrigue of how I would cope playing the game and also to find out what happened. Despite having watched Tobuscus  play the game, playing it yourself is a whole different ball game. 

So just for you guys here is Part 1 of my 'The Evil Within' game play, hope you find it as funny as my other half did! 

Hope you enjoyed that for Part 2 be sure to check out The Bearded One's YouTube channel here, be sure it is just as funny if not more so than Part 1.

Have you played The Evil Within?
Let me know what you thought in the comments

Hey guys, Kai here. Hope you enjoyed his guest post by the fabukous Unexpected Geek! Her blog has been nominated for 2 awards so I'm sure she would love for you guys to go and show some support by voting for her. Thankyou!


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