The JK Vision Spotlight - Footstar


I think it's time to talk about another browser game that I've been playing for a few years: Footstar. Now I know what you're thinking..."But Kai, you've already reviewed a football manager game!" Well, you are correct but this game take a completely different view on the football manager game! Where Manager League consists of you manager your own football team; Footstar allows you to take control of a single footballer!

You start out as a 17 year old footballer where you can pick whatever position you desire to play it. The game will randomise names and faces for you so you have a completely unique character. When your character is created you will have a choice of team to join all of whom are offering you a trial. It is absolutely key that you join one of these teams, why you may ask? The football teams in game are all made up of real players, every team-mate is control by an IRL person. Even your manager is a real person! Your manager is your go-to-guy for any questions that you may have, whether it be how to train your player or asking for a transfer.

As a player you have the opportunity to be called-up for your city and national teams! all of which have a Senior, U21 and U18 team. You have the chance to both with the league with your team and win the World Cup with your country. But be warned, success doesn't come quickly. You have to consistently train well and put alot of effort into your player if you are planning to do well. This is why I love this game! It is near impossible to be successful as soon as you start, you have to put some effort in!

Please check out this game and drop me a message :) My player name is Michael Langer.

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