Thirteen Websites To Make You Realise You Are Done With The Internet...

Being born in the generation where the internet controls our life and internet now being a human right, I'm sure you would have gathered there would be some weird things on the internet that will make you just want to destroy it. Some of the websites you see on the internet can actually help you but some are just pointless... funny in a weird way but pointless.
You will find these websites some day; I'm saving you the hassle of  having to waste your life on the internet so here's to saving your future.

Eelslap - Ever wanted to slap someone with a fish? Now's your chance!

Heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeya -good song but still pointless.

Partridge Gets Lucky - I wonder how many of these were made...

OMG Laser Guns pewpewpew - ???

Computer Power Test - I'm guessing you have to be extremely dumb to use this... or old


Sanger -  PCL; personal computer licker

Staggering Beauty - WARNING! DON'T USE THIS IF YOU HAVE HEADPHONES ON! It literally scared me...

Bees - Hey look OPRAH!

IS IT CHRISTMAS?! - only 30 days left...

Cat Bounce - cured my boredom but its hard to explain to someone who walks in on you playing...

I Love You Like Fat Lady Loves Apples - this is actually really cool, someone spend time and effort into this one... but still pointless.

Last but not lest! The last page of the internet... WWWDOTCOM take the advise!

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Thanks for reading!

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