Was Dr Matt Taylor In The Wrong?


A scientist who worked on the Rosetta Project has recently come under fire for wearing a 'sexist' T-Shirt during TV interviews after the first ever successful landing of a spacecraft on the surface of a comet. The shirt he was wearing featured images of scantily clad cartoon women. This utter "shirtstorm" caused both #shirtgate and #shirtstorm to start trending on Twitter. The British Physicist has since issued a tear-filled apology to the public over YouTube.

Now, as you may or may not know I am neither a Feminist or an Anti-Feminist so I can take a pretty neutral view on this. I think it was a pretty bad move on Dr Taylor's part for wearing this massively controversial shirt during such a huge event in human history, It's hard to think that not once did he stop and think about the social impacts the shirt would bring. Never the less I believe this whole situation has been blown out of proportion! I mean come on, give the guy a break. He has worked on the Rosetta Project for over 10 years and has been dedicated to it for over 10 years. He even had a tattoo of the probe landing on the comet! After all this time the moment has finally arrived and...all the attention is being focused on a shirt,

So basically, he was very unthoughtful when deciding to wear this shirt on a massively reported event but the severity of this is being blown out of proportion. 

Tell me what you think, was Dr Matt Taylor in the wrong? And is this story being over-reported by the media? Tell me in the comments!

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