Why The Amazon Echo Is A Useless Product


Let me get this straight. I have always loved Amazon Products, the Kindles, the phones and the Amazon TV looks quite nice but this "Amazon Echo" just doesn't appeal to me. The Amazon Echo is basically a personal assistant called Alexa (Just like Siri or Cortana) but without the phone to come with it. You are literally paying for a personal assistant that comes as a free feature on iPhones and soon Windows Phones.

This device will cost you a massive $199 (£127). This is a huge amount for a product that most people have access to already for free. There are a few good points...I guess. The Echo is always listening and can hear you from anywhere in the room so you don't have to bother going over and pressing a button for it to work, you just talk. But ask yourself this. Would you pay £127 for a product purely so you don't have to get up and press a button. Is it really worth it?

Let me know what you guys think!
Is the Amazon Echo a waste of time and money?
Thanks for reading!

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