Another American Horror Story Theory


Hey guys! Sorry about the lack of posts over the past few months but real life has taken over a bit. With the end of American Horror Story Season 4 edging nearer I thought I'd tell you guys about a little theory my other half and I have had.

This is a very loose theory so I doubt there is any truth in it but never the less it is backed up a little bit. The theory goes that Lana Winters (Season 2: Asylum) is actually one of the separated twins, Dot and Betty, from Season 4: Freak Show. Asylum takes place just a few years after the happenings of Freak Show. Now we already know that Pepper ends up in the Asylum after being in the Freak show but could it be that either Dot or Betty did too?

1) We know that Dot and Betty have been considering getting separated by a famous doctor so if they end up getting the operation this could explain why Lana Winters is "Mono-headed".

2) At the beginning of Asylum as Lana is walking into the Asylum, Pepper runs over to here, gives her a flower and shouts "Play with me!" for a few seconds they stare at each other as if they had known each other. 

Lana looking at Pepper as if they know eachother

3) In Freak Show we know that both Dot and Betty have a diary of which they try of write in daily. Lana Winters is a reporter which could explain her love for writing, While in the Asylum we know that Lana is constantly writing down things that happen to her kind of like a diary.

Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson) reporting at Briarcliff

4) This last point is quite a strange one but kind of makes sense. Dot and Betty have been attached together for their whole life which would mean that they are used to a female's company. Lana Winters is a Lesbian and struggles to become attracted to a man when Dr Oliver Thredson tries to "cure" here. This could explain why Lana is in fact attracted to women because she has always been used to a female's company.

Now, there are a few more episodes of Freak Show left to air they this could either result in the twins being separated, which would follow the lines of my theory, or they could decide not to which will disprove my theory. Either way it is just fun trying to find the connections since the writers stated that all of the series are connected in one way or another.

Thanks for reading!

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