Best Winter Levels In Video Games


It's nearly Christmas! I for one am very excited and really want it to snow! Sadly living in the East of England doesn't result in much snowfall. We didn't have any last year!

What better to do near Christmas than list some of my favorite winter levels in video-games. These range from the most beautiful to the most nostalgic, enjoy!

Cool, Cool Mountain - Super Mario 64

Ladies and Gentlemen, I resent to you, nostalgic land! As a kid I grew up playing Nintendo consoles so I was always very familiar with Super Mario. My dad's childhood console was the Nintendo 64 which he had passed on to me, this is where I got into playing Super Mario 64.

Cool, Cool Mountain is one of the first levels you visit in the game. This is one of my favorites because is has a racecourse which you can race against a Penguin on. The most memorable part of this level, for most people, is the adorable little penguin chick which has gotten itself lost and you must carry him/her back to it's mother on the bottom of the level. This is probably my most completed "mission" in any video game ever.

DK's Snowboard Cross - Super Mario Kart Wii

Yes, it's another Mario game. This time a racetrack in Mario Kart Wii. DK's Snowboard Cross, sometimes called Summit in American Versions of the game, is the 3rd race in the Flower Cup. This map is one of my favorites as it features the huge cannon which shoots you off to the next part of the track, much like DK mountain on Mario Kart: Double Dash. I have always loved DK maps with my favorite track of all time being DK's Jungle Parkway on the Nintendo 64.

This is a beautiful track to ride on and brings back some memories from Double Dash due to the similarities between this track and DK's mountain.

Vista Point: Mortrag Peak - Skyrim

There is no way I could do a best places complication without including at least one place from the legendary game that is Skyrim.  Skyrim has some of the most beautiful places of any game, many of them being set in a snowy land.

Mortrag Peak is at the peak of one of the tallest mountain in the land of Skyrim. This views are just spectacular, which you can see by the picture. I urge you to buy this game even if it is just to going around and finding the best views that you can.

Thankyou for reading!
What's your favorite winter level? Let me know!

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