My Christmas Recap 2014


Christmas is now officially over, oh no! Now it's time to partake in the tradition of sharing what I have received over the Christmas period. May I first just say how this Christmas was one of the best in a long time! It was full of board games, singing and, of course, food. Wonderful food. 

 Allow me to let you into a little secret...I've only ever seen the first Lord of The Rings film! Never seen any of the others, seen The Hobbit or read the books! This book is really drawing me in though and I may start watching through the films. The book has an A-Z of pretty much everything to do with Middle-Earth, everything from Aglarond to Zirak-Zirgil. I've understood the book pretty well considering I have never met these characters or races before, looking forward to reading more and seeing the films now!


As always: the ,nice, yearly way of saying "You Stink!". I joke, it's always nice to have some aftershave and this Umbro one smells pretty nice, not over-powering at all which is always good.
I also received a few gift cards which is always a nice touch away from money even though they are pretty much the same concept. Already spent the Amazon one on a gaming mouse so that's that spent! Sainsbury's should be spent today and Wilko's whenever I need to get some school stuff.

Electric Razor
After using my dad's for goodness knows how long I finally have one of my own! It works wonders as well, virtually smooth shave everything. I've never understood the 2 pin plus on razors? Fair enough it's so they can sell them all over the world but surely it would be easier to just have different types of plugs for different countries, just like most other appliances do.

Christmas was great. We had loads of food, so much in fact that we had a little table dedicated to food in the lounge. We play Cranium (Which I lost) and then played Trivial pursuit! (Which I also lost). The next day we played Scene It? Comedy movies which I lost, can you believe it?

The new year is starting to look good already with me finally setting my foot into the world of University life! My other half and I will be trying to set up a YouTube channel trying to combine both the geeky world and fashion/beauty. The main thing I am looking forward to is the Norwich bloggers meet-up in January! (I'm not from Norwich or Norfolk but I'm pretty close) Where I get to meet fellow bloggers for the first time ever and rub into the Norwich fan's faces how well Ipswich Town  are doing!

Here's to a geeky 2015!
What did you get for Christmas?

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