Adventure Time Reviews: Season 1 - Episode 12


Title: Evicted!

Key Characters: Finn, Jake, Marceline

Main Plot: Finn and Jake (again, as always) are chilling in their little (big) tree fort. Jake begins telling Finn a spooky stories about vampires when they see a bat swish past the window. This story creeps Finn out and asks Jake about the origin of the story. Jake replied that he "heard the story from a reliable source." Finn sees a vampire-like shape in his window as he goes to bed so runs downstairs out of fear to get Jake. Jake admits that the story and reliable source were just made up. This is the point where Marceline, the Vampire Queen,  breaks into the fought and surprises the fort. Marceline quickly reveals that she is the actual owner of their fort after she unveils here initials carved into a branch. Marceline decides that now she has returned from her Adventures in the Land of Ooo she wants her fort back and kicks out the adventurers! These boys need to find somewhere else to stay now that they are homeless, but where?

This episode of Adventure Time is the first that Marceline the Vampire Queen appears in. Voiced by Olivia Olsen, Marceline is one of the most popular characters in Adventure Time. There's not much trivia about this episode. The only piece of trivia I can find is that both this episode and Business Time were aired before the show's official premier. This is another classic episode of Adventure Time unveiling yet another key character in the Land of Ooo. Worth a watch.

Favourite Quote: "Finn: You always know what to say.
                              Jake: Bla-bla-bla-ble-ble-bla-bloo-bloop!"

Rating: 7/10

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