Adventure Time Reviews: Season 1 - Episode 11


Title: Wizard

Key Characters: Finn, Jake, Bufo, Reaper, Wizard Frog

Main Plot: Finn and Jake (as always) are out adventuring when they are stopped by a creepy looking man named Reaper. Reaper offers the 2 lads FREE magical powers! Finn initially tries to haggle with Reaper and ends up with both the free magical power and a key chain, which Reaper seemed to pull off of his own body. Reaper opens an evil looking portal which the 2 explorers decide to enter anyway. Upon arriving the boys are greeted by a Wizard from who explain that the person they are looking for is Bufo. Bufo is actually a collection of tiny tadpoles in the frog's belly. The Bufo give Finn and Jake magical robes which becomes decorated with stars as and when the boys earn their magical powers with the ultimate goal of obtaining the big star. Finn sicceeds in doing so but ends up being tricked to using his powers to save the magical village for all of eternity? Will Finn be able to work his way out of this one with the help of Jake?

This episode of Adventure Time is the first and only ever episode to show the fronts of naked characters whilst covering the "sensitive" parts with logs. Originally the parts were supposed to be censored with Beavers but Cartoon Network forced the creators to change it. This episode also features a PHIL FACE. The Phil Face is a reference to Adventure Time's lead character designer Phil Rynda's face whenever he get's excited. This is one of the better episodes of adventure time with the whike magical side of it. Definatly worth a watch.

Favourite Quote: 'Dang it Leonard! If we don't talk at the same time, nobody can understand us!' - Bufo

Rating: 8/10

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